Kath Cooper | Meet Our Franchise Manager

At Bracey’s Franchise, we understand not only the importance of having exceptional franchisees, but that those people are supported by the very best. On that note, we are delighted to introduce you to Kath Cooper, our Franchise Manager. With over 15 years’ experience in franchising, Kath is an expert in launching and managing franchises.

Kath joined the team in early 2018 to manage our existing franchisees and develop franchising at Bracey’s. So, let’s get to know her a little better…

What’s the best part of your job?

The people! There’s so much energy within the Bracey’s team. I work with people from very different backgrounds but who all pull together to make Bracey’s a success. This culture also runs through to our franchisees – diverse, incredibly skilled and with an amazing work ethic. Along with the team and our franchisees, I deal with some of our suppliers, software developers, PR experts and recruitment agents, all of whom bring their expertise and enthusiasm to the table. It’s inspiring and motivating and always more than a little fun.

What made you choose Bracey’s?

I love the focus on the client. Pete and the team put the client first. They take the time to get to know them, learn about their lives and stay in regular contact – much as a barman would have regulars, Pete and the team are replicating that at Bracey’s.

I’ll be honest, I expected all accountants to wear suits and to be a little boring. Bracey’s has proved me wrong. Experts yes – boring no. Pete is an inspiration, he genuinely loves what he does, he loves the clients, his team and the work and is far from boring!

What motivates you as Franchise Manager?

The thing that gets me to work each morning is the variety of the role, of being involved in many different projects with many different people. It always makes my day when I get the opportunity to speak to someone who is interested in joining Bracey’s as a franchisee.

Are there any franchise trends we should be looking out for?

Last year saw a rise in the number of females investing in a franchise and this year I expect to see more franchisees under 30. I also expect to see a rise in the number of people taking the franchise route rather than starting an independent business – with so much uncertainty the franchise route is sure to attract more investors.

And finally, please tell us something we don’t know…

I truly love food. So much so that I once made my travel companions take a 75-mile diversion on a US road trip just so I could get to the Georgia state BBQ festival. Worth it when we were invited into the judge’s private rooms to taste some of the contenders, and really worth it when we appeared on their website! Apart from that, I can’t reverse or parallel park despite having been driving for over 25 years. I’m also scared of heights and claustrophobic but still managed to get in a small helicopter on a windy day to fly around Table Mountain. Unfortunately, I had my eyes closed all the way there and back. The landing was awesome.

If you’re ready to start your accountancy franchise journey, call Kath today on 01462 413249.


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